Hair Transplant in Nepal

Hair loss is one of the most significant changes that happens with age. It alters one's appearance and personality. For many, this change is appalling and very difficult to accept. But there are no worries, as we provide world class hair transplant and hair treatment solution with warranted results. Hair Transplantation is the only permanent treatment for baldness worldwide. It is a very safe and minimally painful, comfortable procedure. Hair tranplantation can be done to improve hair density and in areas of baldness. Hair Tranplant results take 6-9 months for optimal results.

One must know that FUE is gold standard method for extracting the grafts. We are proud to introduce BIOSTIMULATED HAIR TRANSPLANT for the FIRST TIME IN NEPAL. Bio-stimulated FUE is the latest advances in hair transplant that facilites the use of regenerative medicine during hair transplant. It means, we stimulated growth of new hair follicles naturally with your own stem cell. We use stem cell based therapy to improve survival of the hairs after transplant. A significant advantage of this technology, is that it stimulates your own baby hairs as well in balding areas, along with transplanted hairs. Density will be better than total transplanted hairs.

Bad hair transplant is worse than having bald head.So what are the important questions you need to ask before undergoing a hair transplant, in order to prevent bad hair transplant.

  • Surgeon's expertise, training and years of experience
  • Team of hair transplant: Again, their expertise, competency and duration of experience.
  • Wherther your operating surgeon will stay throughout the surgery.
  • Maintain sterility and hygiene during the procedure.
  • Previous patient testimonials or results.
  • Post Hair transplant care and procedures should be clearly provided.
  • Cost should not be your first priority as all above expertise matters very much.

Treatment Images

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