Botox & Fillers

Botox is the leading anti-ageing treatment worldwide. It can be used to prevent or treat wrinkles. Beautiful skin without wrinkles is achieved within 5-10 days. Results produced by BOTOX is not possible with any other nonsurgical anti-ageing treatment. It improves forehead lines, frown line, eye wrinkles, gummy smile, dropping of lips, jawline slimming & neck lines. It is also used for excessive armpit and palmar sweating, eye twitching etc.

Botox injections are done with small needles, after appropriate numbing creams. Hence it is a pain-free and comfortable procedure. The area is made pain-free with anesthetic numbing cream 45-60 mins before the injections. Dosage depends on site treated, cosmetic indication or treatment of excessive sweating and activity of your muscles.
Post-Teatment Care after Botox:

  • Do NOT manipulate the treated area for 4 hours follwing treatment. Do NOT receive facial/laser treatments or microdermabrasion after Botox injections for at least 10 days.
  • Do NOT lie down for 4 hours after your Botox treatment.
  • It can take approximately 4-7 days for results to be seen. You might need small dosage of touch up Botox in 10 days.
  • Do NOT perform activities involving straining, heavy lifting, or vigorous exercise for 6 hours after treatment.

How Often Should You Get Botox Injections?
Botox effects generally last for four months. However, it depends on your age, muscle tone, facial expressions, smoking habit, other concomitant cosmetic procedures, etc. With more number of sessions, the dosage of Botox required decreases. Yes, you actually need lesser amount of Botox 3-4 years down the line, as your muscles relax after continuous usage.

How To Know If You Are A Candiate For Botox?
The FDA has approved Botox Cosmetic for people aged 18 to 65. Any one with mild signs of ageing such as fine lines or sagging of upper face, gummy smile,prominent jawlines or sagging of neck is suitable for Botox.

Fillers are products that fill areas of hollow and volume loss on the face, hands, etc. Common fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, that help plump up the area injected. Fillers are safe and quick procedures that show immediate results. They are useful in facial sculpting by giving desired facial shape and volume. It reshapes the nose, lips, under eye dark circles, temples, flattening of the cheeks, line around nose, etc. Results of temporary fillers last for 1-2 years. Depending on the area injected, type and cost of filler can vary. It is highly recommended to use authentic brands, to avoid side effects.

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