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ANOVA SKIN & HAIR CLINIC is an ace dermatological setup where we aim to provide best quality skin care and anti-aging treatments. Our services are non-invasive, painfree, and innovative, with latest technology and treatment regimes. We formulate customized treatment protocols, after meticulous examination of your skin and its natural needs. Each treatment is unique to you and customized for your skin, to help you achieve and maintain your healthiest skin possible.  Our staffs happily serve you with utmost sincerity and unparalleled customer service.

Our Doctors

Dr. Sandeep Shrestha

CEO, Anova Skin & Hair Clinic

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Dr. Smriti Shrestha

MBBS and MD Dermatology from Kathmandu University

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Dr. Ruprerna Joshi

Dermatology from Bangkok, Thailand

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Dr. Nina Bhochibhoya

MD Dermatologist

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YES. It deep cleans the pores (in oily skin) and cleanses the skin (in dry skin). Hence use oil-control facewash in oily skin and gentle moisturizing facewash in dry skin. For ageing skin, use a hydrating facewash.

NO. A chemical peel uses chemical solutions to strip the surface layer of cells away in order for a newer, healthier layer to return. While facial uses serum and products to clean pores and moisturize the skin.

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